4K, Ultra HD display Renting

We rent professional 55/65/84inch 4K Ultra HD monitors & displays.

Specifications of our  84inch UHD displays. Contact us for more details.

DCI Projection Equipment Renting

We rent DCI compliant projection equipment for short or long term use. All our equipment rent is accompanied with installation & configuration services. We rent: digital cinema projectors both 2K and 4K, digital cinema servers, sound processors (for digital and/or 35mm projection), sound equipment and screens (silver & white). Some of the Digital Cinema DCI compliant equipment we have for rent:

  • Barco DP-2K and 4K digital cinema projectors (9.000 to 23.000 lumens)
  • Lenses for DP-2K, DP-4K Barco projectors
  • Panasonic, Sanyo e-cinema projectors (non DCI) (5.000 to 12.000 lumens)
  • Qube XP-D digital cinema servers
  • Alternative content switcher – type Barco ACS-2048
  • Xpand 3D system including glasses
  • Dolby CP750, CP650 sound processors & QSC ampl.
  • Silver & White screens

Please call us for availability.

Turnkey Renting

For your events or temporarily installations we offer a turnkey solution:

  • DCI compliant projection equipment and Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound equipment
  • 3D system & glasses
  • Installation & removal services
  • Operator

We have experience with film festival services (Venice Film Festival), summer outside screenings, on-set DCI projection. Cinecare is an all-in service that can be tweaked to your needs. Call us for an offer.

Ask us for an offering.

DCI Projection Room Renting

In our HQ in Antwerp (Belgium) we have a Digital Screening room available for production & post production companies. The room is 8x6meter and has a screen size of 5,5 meter wide (white non perforated 1,4 gain screen). Equipment:

  • Barco DP-2K 20C digital cinema projector (2K resolution)
  • Qube XP-I digital cinema server, Xi IMB
  • Xpand 3D system
  • Alternative content switcher – type Barco ACS-2048
  • QSC DCP-100 sound processor and Dolby CP750 – Dolby 7.1 configuration.

Room has removable seats and can be reconfigured according to needs. We offer a seperate office for post production team meetings.

Looking for second hand DCI equipment? We might have some demo material for sale. Contact us!



D2 - Barco DCI projector

We offer a digital cinema screening room for short term rent in Antwerp.

Outdoor projection:

Digital Cinema on Badboot (Antwerpen)

zomer van antwerpen - cinema by d2