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Cinema’s face one of the biggest technological change since the invention of the 35mm projector by Lumiere. Digital projection will transform the business more than digital sound did. Looking for an integrated solution, specific technology, or a way to finance a roll-out? Which stereoscopic 3D system to use? Home cinema? Bluray? What about laser light? 3D sound? A group for : cinema operators, distributors, studios, alternative content providers, dc technology specialists/integrators, cfo’s looking for background info & financial solutions for dc rollouts.

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Copia A (3D animated short film by Trexel Animation)

Synopsis: Tells the adventures and misfortunes of Demódoco, a projectionist, who discovers by chance a one-of-a-kind way to get pleasure. However, abusing it leads to risky consequences. Technical data: Script, design and direction: Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso & Pablo Alberto Díaz. Original soundtrack: Bernardo Francese & Fernando Chiesa. Animation: Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso, Pablo A. Díaz y Nicolás Broner. Sound: Bernardo Francese, Fernando Chiesa, Juan Elías y Anibal Tonianez.