DCP360 : D2 DCP duplicator 4:24

(2017 release now available)


New 6.0Gbps High Speed DCP CRU duplicator

The DCP Duplicator 2:24 is a 6.0 Gbps SATA hard drive duplicator. A compact 19inch stackable device that is equipped with CRU slots for safer and faster release of the drives. No need to unmounts/mount the drives in the CRU carrier. With high-speeds 2:24 duplication, secure data wipe and quick test capabilities, it is ideal for use in mass DCP, digital cinema distribution worldwide.

Available versions:

  • 4:8 (2 internal/2 external master drives and 8 slave CRU slots).
  • 4:16 (2 internal/2 external master drives and 16 slave CRU slots).
  • 4:24 (2 internal/2 external master drives and 24 slave CRU slots).
  • link multiple 4:24 to upgrade your capacity even further.

More info? visit out DCP360 website www.dcp360.eu


1. Low-footprint: 4:8 (19inch rack 4U, 24Kg without CRU disks), 4:16 (8U, 42Kg), 4:24 (12U, 60Kg).

2. Slots accept standard CRU dataport disk cradles.

3. Support disks up to 6.0Gbps.

4. Mass duplication and Multi-Unit Networking:

2 internal masters & 2 external masters can simultaniously be duplicated to any selection of the 8, 16, 24 target disks. Link multiple units to upgrade capacity to 48 or more target slave disks.

5. Checkdisk, Format (EXT2, 3 and NTFS), Wipe disks, Duplicate & verification/checksum.

Checkdisk 24 disks, Format 24 slaves, Copy 1 master (175Gb DCP, EXT2) to 24 slaves, Verify/Checksum 24 slave disks takes under 60 minutes (measured with : WD 1Tb green slave disks).

6. 70 dB while in operation.

7. Advanced cooling technique to safeguard high performance.

8. All disks can be physically locked.

9. Extensive logging of all actions.

10. 4 masters can be copied simultaneously over a selection of the available slave drives.

11. Full software managed with our DCP360 duplication software (included).

12. duplicates EXT2, EXT3 and NTFS volumes

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