Barco Post Production Digital Cinema Projector

With the brand-new DP2K-P, Barco has built the world’s only Enhanced 4K-ready cinema projector specifically designed to meet the high performance needs of the post-production industry.

Proven platform The DP2K-P builds on the proven platform of the Barco DP2K-B projectors, from which it inherits widely acclaimed benefits such as best-in-class light efficiency, lowest cost of ownership, and ultimate ease-of-use.

Enhanced image detail To respond to the highly specialized needs of post-production houses, the DP2K-P projector delivers improved contrast, superior brightness uniformity, and a greatly expanded color gamut – considerably wider than the current DCI recommended color space.

Increased control What’s more, the DP2K-P post-production projector is bundled with a special version of the Barco Communicator software, enabling you to fully customize your 2D and 3D look-up tables. This dedicated software provides increased control over the color space, which allows you to do your job with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

  • Digital Micro Mirror device 3 x 1.2” DC2K dark metal devices Advanced DLP Cinema™ signal processing with built-in 3D look-up table
  • Native resolution 2,048 x 1,080 pixels
  • Housing Hermetically sealed DMD, TM and optical assembly
  • Lamp power 1.2kW – 4.0kW (Xenon lamp) – compatible with models from all major brands
  • Light output 5,400 lumens* (standard 2kW lamp)
  • Screen width @ 16 ftl (unity gain) up to 7.5 m (24.6 ft)
  • Uniformity Meets the DCI review room specifications
  • Contrast ratio 2,500:1
  • Digital video inputs 2 x SMPTE 292M inputs and 2 x DVI input, both selectable as single and dual link
  • Control I/O Ethernet, 8x GPIO, Serial RS232
  • Prime lenses 1.25 – 1.45, 1.4 – 2.05, 1.6 – 2.35, 1.8 – 2.8, 2.15 – 3.6, 2.8 – 5.5
  • Color gamut native red: x = 0.7; y = 0.3, native green: x = 0.2; y = 0.76, native blue: x = 0.145; y = 0.04,
  • Power requirements 220V
  • Dimensions 604(H) x 754(W) x 1129(D) mm – 23.78(H) x 29.69(W) x 44.45(D) inch
  • Weight 133 kg (293 lbs)
  • Max. ambient temperature 35°C / 95°F

Barco DP2K P post production

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