Stereoscopic 3D Technologies

We have both active & passive S-3D solutions, for white & silver screens.

For active 3D, D2 partners with

  • Xpand 3D

For passive 3D, D2 partners with

  • Dolby 3D
For silver screen 3D, D2 partners with
  • MasterImage 3D

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3D solution for white screens.

XPAND’s Cinema 3D are the most popular Active Shutter Glasses in the world, being used in more than 5.000 cinemas around the Globe.

  • Superior Quality Active 3D Technology
  • Fully Immersive Studio Endorsed 3D Delivery System
  • No Silver Screen Requirement
  • Large Formats up to 20 meters
  • Rapid Transition from 2D to 3D
  • Auditorium Transfer within Minutes
  • Flexibility with Traveling & Mobile Exhibition
  • Streamline Installation
Xpand One 3D
Xpand One 3D

3D solution for silver screens.

  • High efficiency rotating circular polarizing filter provides left and right image separation and bright richly   colored 3D images.
  • Precision drive system rotates the filter at 4,320 rpm for “triple flash” 3D images.
  • Control panel for activating system functions and providing operation status updates.
  • Simple sync input from the digital projector.
  • System is compatible with all DLP cinema projectors and digital cinema servers.
  • Quality, low cost single use polarized glasses that meet Studio supply requirements.
  • No license fees or long term agreement requirements.
  • Highly competitive purchase pricing.
  • Simple to install stand alone system that is positioned, adjusted and locked in front of the projector and   lens.
  • Easily moved between digital 3D auditoriums of varying sizes.
  • Studio approved 3D image quality does not require “ghostbusting” process.
MasterImage Clarity 3D

3D solution for silver screens.

The MI-WAVE3D is the perfect small-screen complement to Masterimage’s CLARITY 3D system, offering advanced features and operational simplicity.

  • Active LC polarization modulator
  • Full automation capabilities via Ethernet or SYNC pulse
  • Quick sliding actuator for 2D and 3D projection positions
  • Versatile mount controller with system menu and status display
  • Easy installation with pedestal and wall mount adapters included
  • High frame rate compatibility
  • Studio-approved 3D presentation quality
  • Quiet, maintenance-free operation

Benefit from Masterimage ownership model. With the MI-WAVE3D, there are no ongoing royalties. No license fees. No seat tax. And no hidden costs. That adds up to immediate ROI.


We regret to inform you that DPVO Theatrical, LLC (Panavision 3D) has announced it stopped its operations since June 1, 2012. We will continue to support Panavision 3D customers at our best. Contact us for more information.

D2 also rents 3D technology & glasses!

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