Xenon lamps for cinema projectors

We offer Xenon lamps from Osram for Barco, Christie, NEC and Sony projectors.

35mm lamps are available on demand.

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XBO 1200W/DHP D2 resells Barco 3000
XBO 2000W/DHP D2 resells Barco 2400
XBO 3000W/DHP D2 resells Barco 1500
XBO 4000W/DHP D2 resells Barco 1000
XBO 4500W/DHP D2 resells Barco 1000
XBO 6000W/DHP D2 resells Barco 600
XBO 6500W/DHP D2 resells Barco 500
XBO 2000W/DTP D2 resells Christie 2400
XBO 3000W/DTP D2 resells Christie 1500
XBO 4500W/DTP D2 resells Christie 1000
XBO 6000W/DTP D2 resells Christie 600
XBO 4000W/HPN NEC 500
XBO 2000W/HPS SONY 2400
XBO 3000W/HPS SONY 1000
XBO 4200W/HPS SONY 500

Other consumables: filters for digital projectors, wheel for masterimage 3D.

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Special pricing for volume orders.

Osram short arc lamp

Osram short arc lamp

D2 sells OSRAM

D2 offers lamps and filters for Barco, Christie, NEC  & Sony projectors.