D2 is Isabel Installation Partner

As a financial professional, you want to make the best possible use of the time you and your team have available. Isabel 6 is a comprehensive, professional web solution that boosts the efficiency of your financial value chain – from invoice to payment – by eliminating tedious and repetitive manual tasks. Freeing up more time for efficiency, convenience and added value in your day-to-day work.

Isabel 6 is a complete solution:

  • Payments, direct debits, account information.
  • All transactions on all of your accounts with all of your banks.
  • Multiple users who divide up the workload and share responsibilities.
  • Working seamlessly with your accounting package.

Isabel 6 helps you to keep your banking in the palm of your hand.

The basic functions in Isabel 6 are particularly extensive. There are also a number of optional modules and tools, providing more specific functions, that you can sign up to as soon as your Isabel subscription has been activated. These modules and tools make Isabel 6 a genuinely customised financial solution for your business.


It is not unusual for large payments to require more than one signature, especially for certain threshold amounts and over. MultiSign enables you to assemble all the signatures you need. You can consult the list of signers and invite them per mail.

Isabel Corporate Synchronzer

The Isabel Corporate Synchroniser is aimed at companies who want to automatically exchange big volumes of data with Isabel. Isabel Corporate Synchroniser allows companies to automate sizable components of their Financial Value Chain through a far reaching integration of Isabel with their internal business applications.

Isabel Go

No-one enjoys the chore of re-entering data. By using the Isabel Go button in your accounting package, you can send and receive payments and account information directly to and from your banks.

Exporting account information to the accounts department

This module enables you to export files with encoded account statements (CODA, MT940) to a folder on your hard disk for processing by accounting software.

Importing direct debits

This module allows you to upload direct debits and send them to your bank so that your customers can be debited.

Importing cheques and other banking files

This module enables you to send cheques and other files in consultation with your bank.

Counterparty Converter

The Counterparty Converter Tool enables you to easily copy your beneficiaries from Isabel Business Suite 5.0 to Isabel 6. With this tool – free of charge – you can also convert the account numbers of your Belgian beneficiaries to the new IBAN format. This will simplify the creation of SEPA payments.


Isabel Offline Reporting is an Isabel 6 option which enables all of your financial transactions in a single handy and fast reporting tool.

Isabel 5 Invoice Exporter

With the Isabel 5 Invoice Exporter you can export your invoices issued and received. This allows you to view these invoices on long term and without the installation of Isabel Business Suite 5.0.


 The clever solution for digital invoices and payslips Sending paper invoices back and forth generates high costs and increases administrative red tape at creditors and debtors alike. It doesn’t suit anyone.

  • Creditors want to be paid faster and more accurately.
  • Debtors want to be able to process and record invoices faster and more accurately.
  • Consumers want to be able to have fun rather than get bogged down with their personal administrative ‘stuff’. .

Which is why more and more companies are opting for Zoomit, which makes invoices and payslips available directly in the customer’s payment instrument. Isabel 6 customers can locate their invoices in the standard Zoomit module. Non-Isabel customers and consumers will find them in their preferred Internet Banking application.

D2 is Isabel Installation Partner