Put your SME in the D2 cloud!

D2 offers traditional network/server infrastructure but also high availability cloud solutions. Call us to discuss your needs and receive an offer. Our cloud infrastructure is fully housed in Europe and adapted to needs and budget of Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs).

Cloud servers

Unlike traditional servers, a cloud server is in a network of servers that combine their capacity. When you need extra memory, processing power, storage or bandwidth, these resources are immediately allocated by the cloud. Moreover, there is always a second virtual machine on standby. That is efficient and ensures an optimal availability of your websites or applications.

The benefits of cloud server hosting

Maximal scalability

You can extend or reduce your cloud server capacity without any downtime. This is ideal for websites or applications with seasonal sales. Our cloud offers the flexibility to anticipate (possible) peak loads by temporarily allocating additional resources. In other words, your cloud server grows together with your business.

Maximal availability

Every minute of downtime costs your business money. At d2, each cloud server automatically benefits from high availability. This function makes it possible to instantly start your cloud server on another machine in case of failure. With the additional fault tolerance option, where a spare reserve machine is always on standby, the virtual server does not even have to be restarted, which reduces the downtime to zero. So, you have 2 servers at your disposal.

Maximal independence

You can choose yourself which operating system runs on your cloud server. Via the virtualisation technology of VMware, your cloud server is entirely separated from other users. Thanks to the cloud technology, you are also independent of hardware, and in case of hardware failures or replacements in our cloud, you do not notice anything about it. Not only is the server virtual, but you also get virtual storage, a virtual network environment and virtual backup. In addition, everything, from electrical current to network connectivity, is entirely redundant (duplicated) and there is no single point of failure in the entire environment. All this leads to an optimal availability.

Maximal expertise

The cloud architecture that suits your situation best. Since the delivery, your Cloud server is managed by d2. Thanks to our unique Service Level Agreements, you do not have to worry about anything. You can constantly rely on our experts to adjust your Cloud model where necessary.

Maximal cost/efficiency ratio

Not only did d2 make very numerous calculations beforehand on the maximal charge of the ‘d2 cloud’, but this is also actively monitored by our system managers. What is necessary for d2 is that we understand your business well in order to perform the best possible analysis and monitoring for your cloud environment. In addition, d2 does not only monitor if your server is online, but it also checks the availability of critical applications, which is even more important for your business.

Maximal performances

Our cloud servers require no upfront investments. Everything is included in a monthly fee. Thanks to the flexibility and the scalability, you only pay for what you use. If you temporarily need more or less resources, these can be allocated in minutes. So, the cloud grows together with your business.

Maximal quality

d2 goes for quality above anything else. From the data centre to the network infrastructure, including the hardware. All purchases are always made taking durability and quality into account. Of course, the environment is not left out either and we also take the power usage into account.


d2’s cloud data centres are equipped according to the highest standards with regard to security, performance, connectivity and hardware. At d2, thanks to strategic partnerships and our many years of experience, your cloud server is guaranteed secure.

Safe and redundant data centres

d2 has several spaces available in different European data centres. All those data centres are equipped with: UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), air conditioning, fire detection, temperature control and other security systems. Our own network infrastructure is redundant, which concretely means that all systems have been installed in duplicate. So, in the event that one system goes down, the other will take over.

Guaranteed power supply

Each server is fed by two power circuits (A + B). In doing this, a power supply redundancy is created for your server. Therefore, in the event that one of the power circuits goes down, your server remains powered by the other one. Moreover, each circuit depends on another public electrical power network. Each circuit is also equipped with UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies) and backup batteries. On top of the redundant power circuits with their backup facilities, there is also a generator that can provide continuous electrical power in case of long-lasting power failures. All backup power supply facilities are tested on a regular basis by a specialized maintenance team that is thus familiar with the entire procedure, so that adequate action can be undertaken when necessary.

Reliable monitoring and checks

Advanced security systems monitor the entire data centre 24/7. Camera surveillance occurs through a closed circuit that registers and archives all activity. Every person who gains access to the data centre must always provide valid identification and is therefore always registered when entering or leaving the premises.

Fire and smoke detection

The data centre is equipped with smoke and fire detection systems. Throughout the data centre, several detectors and gas dispersion systems are present. As soon as smoke is detected at two different locations in the data centre, the alarm sounds and gas is dispersed throughout the data centre. This gas will extract all the oxygen from the air so that the fire gets extinguished. It is forbidden to leave inflammable material lying around in the data centres. The data centres and d2 perform regular checks and reserve the right to immediately remove any inflammable material. The data centre fully complies with strict fire protection standards.

Active air-conditioning

Air is cooled by high-end climate control systems that have been set up redundantly at several locations throughout the data centre. An efficient cooling is obtained by using the “hot/cold aisle containment” principle, where warm air and cold air are mixed as little as possible.

Network infrastructure

 The datacenter’s entire network infrastructure has been designed by certified CISCO engineers. It received “CISCO empowered network” label from CISCO. Routing is entirely redundant.

Network connectivity

We use several providers for its network connectivity. The backbone networks of those providers are fully redundant: all nodes in the backbone are connected to at least two other nodes via circuits that follow separate routes. This adds up to a network that is optimally resistant to disturbances. Each server is connected to the Internet with a bandwidth of at least 100 Mbit/s for a dedicated server and 10 Mbit/s for a virtual server. However, we only take into account the data traffic that was actually used, unless agreed otherwise. The data traffic can burst to 100 Mbit without any problem. This way, d2 guarantees you the fastest connections. The data traffic between the servers within d2’s network is free of charge and unlimited.

 The datacenter’s entire network infrastructure has been designed by certified CISCO engineers. It received “CISCO empowered network” label from CISCO.