With our kiosks, you provide 24 h availability for your customers!

Whether you want to relieve your box-office and avoid queuing and ensure higher availability, with our kiosk systems, you will achieve your goals.

Our many years of experience have made our products to what they are today:
  • Reliably in everyday
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative features in the equipment
  • Safely and quickly in the sales process
  • Service friendly due to the “inner qualities”
  • Up to date and modern in design
  • Certified for use in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • With sales function or just as Point Of Information.

D2 offers a Atos Xenteo payment terminal KDM (called Payment Engine) to ease integration of self service payment terminals in your existing software solution.

We offer special User Interface & kiosk design services.

D2 automatic ticketing kiosk

D2 Kiosk design services (above model is D2’s registered design 42767-0001).

Atos Xenteo payment terminal

D2 Payment Xenteo certified terminal integration services.

D2 Toerisme Vlaams Brabant

D2 Kiosk User Interface design services (Tourisme Vl. Brabant – Groene Gordel).

d2 kiosks

Our kiosks support internet pickup and payment terminal integration of ATOS and CCV.

D2 is certified ATOS & CCV payment terminal integrator.

d2 Kiosk Gent